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I am sharing with you my favorite hobbies and interests. I hope you are interested in one or more of them.
If so, click away. Please post comments and share your ideas as well.


Home Beer Making - Prosit!
"Praise the Lord, and pass the pretzels!"

music Music Composition - MIDI Rules!.
"Where Beethoven left off, and Concrete Music starts"
genealogy Genealogy - Isolated for security
"Bavarian refugees, 1732 to Pennsylvania"
computers Programming - Arduino Projects.
"I'll C you, and C++ you two bucks"
deutsch Deutsch Sprachen - Herlichen Welcommen!
"Ich bin Americanishe Tourist"
globe The Beer Hunter - Travels the World
"Travel expands the waistline as well as the mind."

All information contained herein is open opinion from myself and I take no responsibility for your use of it. If you disagree, or if it gives you gas, and you don't like it, quietly leave. Feel free to comment, if you came in peace.

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